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  • 2021 Frontier Institute of Research for Science and Technology (FIRST) is established, with focus on a variety of advantageous technical strengths and areas following future trend, with industry-academic research and development, talent cultivation, and international linkage as the three principal axes of development.
  • 2020 Frontier Institute of Research for Science and Technology Provisional Office was established.
  • 2015 Center for Research was renamed as Industry Liaison Office. The office acts as a bridge between Taipei Tech and industry. The purpose of the office is to display the rich intellectual and research resources of Taipei Tech to the industry, and establishing academic partnerships.
  • 2010 Office of International Affairs was established to enhance the internationalization of the university through the recruitment of more foreign students and the promotion of more exchange and collaboration with foreign partners.
  • 2004 Center for Research was established, aiming to provide a framework that offers various services, such as academia-industry linkage, patent management, technology transfer, talent matching, and startup acceleration.
  • 1996 Research and Development Office was established. The goals of the R&D Office are to continuously promote the research of innovative technologies and to advance the development in Taipei Tech’s key research areas.
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