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With the demand for talents and the promotion of university R&D affairs, it is imperative for high-quality resources and talents from industries to participate in university R&D affairs and to jointly cultivate high-level technological talents so as to strengthen the competitiveness of Taiwan’s core strategic industries. Taipei Tech values both research and craftsmanship, aiming to devote its strengths in becoming an internationally renowned technology university. As an excellent R&D partner of SMEs, Taipei Tech features the pioneer in industry-university research and development base. Working with Taipei university alliance and technology universities to cultivate high-quality cadres for enterprises, Taipei Tech enhances students’ employability, reduces the gap between learning and doing, and creates a win-win environment with social co-prosperity.

In response to the government's policies on industry-academic cooperation and talent cultivation in core strategic areas, the Frontier Institute of Research for Science and Technology (FIRST) was hence established, aiming to work and learn together with industries. FIRST attempts to deregulate relevant systems with the concept of innovation sandbox. Starting from energy, artificial intelligence, semiconductors and other key areas of Taipei Tech, FIRST cooperates with enterprises to cultivate forward-looking talents of energy and sustainability, artificial intelligence technology and semiconductor equipment and technology, building a more flexible system of industry-university cooperation and talent cultivation.

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